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539333619_Inactive (SuperAdmin) 12/6/2007 3:28 AM EST : Code of Honor
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The following are rules in which ADASTRA strives to live: 

Never put the game above any real life commitments you may have. World of Warcraft is a form of social entertainment only. We will never look upon anyone in a bad light if they cannot participate in events due to real life commitments. 

Upon Joining
All new recruits enter ADASTRA on a probationary period. 
ADASTRA adheres to the "play nice policy". You are an extension of the guild so please always play with the utmost respect for other players in order to make ADASTRA stand out.

Guild Chat
Guild chat is to be used for communication with other members of the guild and the guild in whole. We will never frown upon guild members using guild chat to talk to other players, as a matter of fact we encourage it however, abuse, or comments that another member of the guild may find offensive or hurtful in the guild chat are NOT acceptable. We are here to have fun so please be respectful of others.

No harassing members. This includes:
1. Begging for Gold
2. Begging for Items
3. Begging for Quest Help
*4. Disrespectful behavior towards fellow guild members
*5. Disrespectful behavior towards superiors officers
*6. Verbal harassment towards eachother, either on guild chat or ventrilo
*7. Sexual harassment towards guild members
*8. Racisim


Help of Fellow Guild Members
We are always available for our guild mates. That’s the whole point of a guild right? However, this does not mean that everyone will drop everything to assist you.
You should always help your guild mates, even if there is nothing in it for you, the better off your guild mates are, the better off you will be. In due time, all members will obtain the item they seek and then some. 

All conflicts with other players should be handled by tells. Confrontations in guild chat or ventrilo should not take place. Remember, you are representing ADASTRA, your guild tag will be the first thing they look at after your name. If you are not able to resolve your conflict by tells, you are encouraged to contact a guild officer and discuss this. If an officer can help, they will. However, sometimes you just have to ignore them, you may have to even take a break and cool off. Don't get stressed out, give people the benefit of the doubt, more times than not, they just made a mistake, arguing will just escalate the problem. All conflicts with guild members should be handled in tells. NEVER use guild chat to air out your problems with another member. If the problem cannot be solved, a guild officer should be contacted immediately.

Members are expected to register and make use the guild website to its fullest potential.
1. A lot of useful information can be found in our forums.
2. It is a good source to communicate with those that are not able to log into the game but are able to check the website 

Most Important Rule
Have FUN! This is by far the most important rule. The game should be entertaining, not a chore. We are all here to have fun. If you have any ideas on how we can have more fun as a guild, let us know.
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