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539333619_Inactive (SuperAdmin) 12/6/2007 3:31 AM EST : Ranking System
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 is the entry level title to ADASTRA. You will remain at this rank for a period of one month. During this time, they can get a feel for ADASTRA and decide if our guild is for them. This initiation period also gives ADASTRA a chance to get to know a recruit and to determine if they will be invited to become a full member of ADASTRA. Once they have completed the mandatory one month, they will be promoted to a Knight.

  • Trainees will only have access to guild chat
  • Trainees can view guild bank content and distribute but not request (exceptions will be made)
  • Trainees must register on the guild website

Knights are anyone joining ADASTRA that have completed their time as a trainee and met the above requirements.

  • Knights will have access to guild chat
  • Knights can view and request items from guild bank

Champions make up the bulk of ADASTRA and its foundation. They are the driving force of ADASTRA and should be of high moral. Champions are to represent the guild in high fashion and to promote ADASTRA to the community. They are responsible for helping anyone of lower rank with issues they may have in game. A member of ADASTRA will need to meet the following requirements in order to be considered for the title of Champion:

  • Serve as a Knight for a reasonable time
  • Have participated in at least one group quest or instance of which two or more guild members were part of.
  • Have been active on the guild website and have posted to the guild forum.
  • Have no negative comments on their record within the past 60 days
  • Have the majority of the officers / guild leader vote to be promoted
  • Express a willingness to work with the guild

Elite Champion
This is the highest non-officer rank. If a person reaches this rank, they are deserving of great honors. They have proven themselves not only as a helper and mentor, but also as a guide, warrior, and leader of a group. They are truly a valuable member of the guild. But, more challenges await them if they are willing. Promotion to the rank of Ascendant requires the member to meet the following requirements:

  • Have been an active member on the guild webpage forums
  • Have their mounts
  • They must coordinate at least one group instance made up of all guild mates. 
  • Have a skill level of at least 300 in one of their primary professions
  • Have setup an account on our VENTRILO server.
  • **NOTE** we understand that some people might not feel comfortable speaking on VENT however talking is not required.  We need people to be able to at least listen in when we do larger instances and raids.  If they are not willing to do this then they will not be able to participate in the larger instances and raids.  This is needed for coordination purposes.
  • Demonstrated clear dedication to the guild

This rank holds no extra privileges other then title and respect. Upon reaching level 70 or the level cap and meeting all the above requirements you shall be an honorary member and receive the title of Ascendant.

The High Council
The High Council serves to advise the Guild Master regarding governance of the guild. The High Council can pass binding resolutions regarding guild governance by a two-thirds majority vote. Only the High Council and the Guild Master can remove a member from the guild. This rank is limited to five players.

Officers in ADASTRA hold a special position of trust and honor. Officers should follow this code more than anyone else and set the example for others. Part of this code that all officers must uphold is to be positive about all members and about all aspects of the game. Officers need to strive to create a good gaming environment. This sometimes mean putting the needs of others above your own.

Officers are required to recognize good performance, behavior, and outstanding members. Praise is better in public, so always feel free to complement someone in /guild chat.

Officers are required to be an active participant in the game. The officer or one of the officer’s alts should be a regular player and be involved in the guild and guild website and should attend guild functions.

Officers failing to play by this code can be demoted to non-officer ranks

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